2016 Winged Liberty High Relief Silver Proof

Extremely limited: Mercanti signed 2016 Saint-Gaudens Winged Liberty Silver Proofs

Hand-signed by John Mercanti!

In January of 1905, when Teddy Roosevelt told Augustus Saint-Gaudens that he wanted the famous sculptor to redesign all of America’s coins, the eminent artist knew that he could not decline the commission. As America’s foremost sculptor of the time, Saint-Gaudens was the magnet: his work gave off an aura of warmth and creativity that drew people to him – something that’s still happening today! But there’s a nearly forgotten “secret” that many visitors to the Saint-Gaudens museum are unaware of: Lady Liberty was supposed to have a feathered headdress and wings!

Images of winged female figures appear in many of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ sculptures, drawings and monuments. In fact, just two years before he began the design of a Winged Liberty coin, he had unveiled a nearly identical winged figure leading General Sherman in a major gilded bronze monument in New York City – a monument which remains a Manhattan landmark to this very day.

Ultimately, the feathered headdress and wings would be removed from Saint-Gaudens’ design at the insistence of mint officials, who believed these details to be too intricate for the minting technology of the day. Recently, while exploring the archives within the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site, we uncovered for ourselves the whole story of the Winged Liberty. Inspired, we immediately began partnering with museum officials to see Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ and Teddy Roosevelt’s original artistic vision brought to full glory in silver!

2016 1 oz. High Relief Proof Silver Saint Gaudens - Winged Liberty

Each 2016 Winged Liberty High Relief Silver Proof has been certified and graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and sealed in an archival acrylic holder for display and preservation. In addition, each holder bears Mercanti’s hand-signed autograph directly on the label. The mintages for the 2016 Winged Liberty High Relief Silver Proofs are extremely limited. Only a mere 10,000 Proofs have been authorized.

Tens of thousands of collectors own Saint-Gaudens $20 Double Eagles from 1907-1932. The 2016 Winged Liberty Silver Proofs belong in every one of those collections. But with only 10,000 available, you must order immediately to secure yours – before they’re sold out!

Secure Your Winged Liberty NOW!

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